about us

We're Direct Web Solutions, a creative design and networking studio that loves to learn, collaborate and create.


As a first order business consulting firm, we help companies, foundations and individuals make a difference and get their brand to its full potential. Our work gets to the heart of the matter. By creating custom designs and targeting user audiences to the best markets, we can help get your brand noticed and working for you.

Direct Web Solutions has been helping customers get the most out of their web presence since 2017. As a locally owned and operated business in Swift Current, our team is dedicated to getting the best possible returns for our local neighborhoods. Meet our team for an in depth consultation on your business or personal needs today.

the best tech

We use only the best tech - Award winning cPanel hosting software, Adobe Photoshop, and more!

only the best for our customers

At Direct Web Solutions we believe that quality is worth the cost. That is why we run the latest CentOS Linux on all of our servers, paired with the powerful cPanel & WHM Web Hosting software at no extra cost to our users. This allows our customers to experience the blazing fast speeds of Apache & Nginx served pages, the security of a linux enviroment, and the stability of a small dedicated hosting enviroment that will never be oversold.

But hosting isn't all we do. From rebranding your company image, to custom web and logo design and web consultations, we do it all. See the list below for just some of our offered services, or head over to the services page for all of our offered services.

What We do
  • Web Design
  • Logo Development
  • Brand Creation
  • Digital Ads
  • Web Hosting
  • Network Planning
  • Server Maintenance
  • Data Consolidation
Basic Services
  • Data Managment
  • Service & Tech Installs
  • Web Consultation
  • Mobile Development
.. And more
  • PHP Development
  • Application Development
  • PC & Server Builds
  • Custom Solutions
Owner & Developer
Design Consultant
Quality Assurance